Soap Opera Nostalgia Corner (Featuring this month As the World Turns)


Episode year Nov. 10 1988   (James Stenbeck Return and the Falcon)

Those of you who are soap lovers like me, may like from time to time reflect on soap opera shows past? One in particular that had you on the edge of your seat was this episode. On one of a long running soap called As the World Turns.

On this episode a gentleman name Hensley, Duncan Mc Cagney’s right hand man at the castle was found responsible for the crazy going on there. Hensley was the one who killed Duncan Mc Cagney’s wives, Thomas, Duncan sister Beatrice fiancé, strangled Hashley, and drugged and tried to rape Barbara Ryan. All in a plot to make it look like Duncan was responsible for it. Hensley in greed wanted everything Duncan had.

Also James Stenbeck made his return on this episode. James shot Hensley, to help save Barbara from Hensley advances.

A pregnant officer Margo Hughes, and Brain Mc Call arrives to Duncan’s castle to help save everyone. Margo gets attacked by Hensley, and is rushed to the hospital, and miscarry’s Tom, and her child.

Craig Montgomery fantasizes about Sierra Welsh. and Emma Snyder, John Dixson are a couple. This is when soaps were at it’s best.