B&B What Will Happen July 11 – 14

B&B spoilers say for July 11 Caroline returns to Los Angeles with Douglas to visit Thomas.
Charlie is suspicious of Shelia’s offer.
July 12 Steffy hatches a plan to reunite Thomas and Caroline, and Bill offers to help.
Eric leaves the mansion, causing Quinn to fear for the future of their marriage.
July 13 Shelia and Quinn square off.
Sally notices the closeness Thomas and Caroline share.
July 14 Caroline tells Thomas that leaving was a mistake.
Steffy and Liam search for Eric, who is hiding with Sheila.
Caroline goes to Bill for a favor.
Also spoilers say will Colleen Zenk ATWT Barbara Ryan be joining the B&B cast? Plus Dr. James Warwick Shelia’s ex husband and Psychiatrist will be reprising his role. What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.

Y&R What Will Happen for July 13 – 14

Y&R spoilers say for July 13 Genoa city residents gather for Nikki’s concert.
Jack and Ashley manage to get Dina on her own, away from Graham.
July 14 the Newmans struggle to keep up appearances.
Cane’s paternity test results come in.
Tessa works to avoid facing the past.
Hilary gets a juicy story.
Victor makes a stunning declaration.
Abby squares off with Victoria.
Also According to Y&R spoilers Juliet will be written out and will give the baby for Cane and Lily to raise. The baby will be proven to be Cane’s baby. What do you think Y&R fans? Is the baby Cane’s?

Y&R spoilers 6 -7

July 6 Y&R spoilers say Cane’s world goes to pieces.
Cane demands a paternity test.
Charlie causes problems for Reed and Mattie.
Paul and Michael search for Kevin.
July 7 Nick wants Nikki to cancel her concert appearance.
Scott talks about his past with Sharon.
Abby and Scott look to Victor for approval.
Cane gets fired.
Kevin hatches a plan to get him and Chloe away from Dr. Harris.
After Kevin leaves to get Bella, Dr. Harris, who has become attached to Chloe, tells her Kevin won’t be returning.
On the way to Genoa City, Kevin hears a loud noise coming from his car.
Jill chastises Cane.
Victor goes to great lengths for Nikki.
Nikki hides something.

B&B Spoilers for July 4 – 7

B&B spoilers for July 4 say Sally’s actions have Coco worrying about her job security at Forrester.
Ridge goes over the possible consequences of confessing.
July 5 Rj and Coco’s date takes an unfortunate turn.
Bill still wants to know why Brooke ended her engagement to Ridge.
July 7 Katie bluntly tells Quinn how she should deal with the fallout from her affair.
Brooke confronts Coco.
Caroline returns to town with Douglas for a visit.
The police get involved in Rj and Coco’s accident.

B&B spoilers What Will Happen This Week

B&B spoilers say Wyatt and Katie will grow close while Wyatt helping Katie mull over the best plan with his old position at Forrester Marketing. Wyatt will surely help Katie out, and in return she’ll be a sounding board for Wyatt as he try’s to deal with the pain he is dealing with. He’s been trying to ignore his feelings for Steffy.
Thomas and Sally will do what they can to make Spectra stand out. They’ll do whatever they can to crush their competitors and make the fashion world take notice.
Julius will have a major outburst. Julius will really let Maya have it.
Also Sheila will do some scheming. As her feelings for Eric grow, so will Sheila’s desire to destroy Quinn. What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.

Y&R What Will Happen June 22 to23

June 22 Hilary is seen differently by Jordan.
June 23 Sharon wants the truth from nick.
Cane gets caught in a lie during testimony.
Nikki’s MS flares up.
Sharon catches Nikki as she’s about to take a drink.
Nikki makes an admission to Sharon.
Jill and Colin come back to town.
Lily’s world is turned upside- down.
Phyllis holds her ground.
Victor takes over