Y&R What Will Happen Aug. 31 to Sept. 1

Y&R spoilers Say Thursday Aug, 31 Ashley wants to fix her family.
Nick works to make things better between Chelsea and Faith.
Billy crosses the line.
September 1 Hilary messes with Devon and Mariah’s relationship.
Nikki wonders about Jack’s intentions.
Victoria and Phyllis clash.
also in spoilers Abby digs into Ashley’s paternity.
Phyllis uses pregnancy option to keep her man.
Will Adam return in November sweeps?
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B&B What Will Happen Next Aug.17-18

B&B spoilers for Aug. 17 say Steffy is willing to go along with Bill’s plot, but warns him about Liam.
Eric gives Sheila an ultimatum.
Dr. James Warwick receives a call for help.
Aug.18 Sally opens up to Liam about her business.
Sheila blackmails James in order to achieve her goal.
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Y&R What Will Happen Aug. 17-18

Y&R spoilers say for aug.17 Jack hits back at Billy.
Cane tells Brash& Sassy secrets.
Graham looks out for Dina.
Aug. 18 Hilary ticks someone off.
Jordan shows Lily how he feels.
Phyllis chooses a side.
Nick feels Victor has gone too far and stops calling him ‘Dad’.
Jordan and Lily are released from their contracts.
After Lily tells Jordan he can do better than Hilary, they kiss.
Dina and Ashley talk about the past.
Lily’s in a tough situation.
Juliet learns something unexpected.
Victoria won’t give up.
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B&B What Will Happen Aug.9-14

B&B Aug. 9 spoilers say Carter reveals that Eric had a secret regarding Quinn.
Liam discovers Spencer family news courtesy of Sally.
Aug.10 Justin disapproves of Bill’s tactics.
Katie and Wyatt agree on how to proceed
Aug.11 Bill threatens Liam.
Steffy rubs Sally’s face in her troubles.
Liam is appalled when he finds out Bill told Thomas that Caroline is dying and Steffy wants him to keep quiet.
Aug. 14 Liam and Steffy disagree about what Bill is doing.
Eric addresses Sheila’s plans.
Bill makes a back-up plan.
Dr. James Warwick receives a call for help.
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Y&R What Will Happen Aug. 10-11

Y&R spoilers for Aug.10 say Jack gains a new ally.
Nick strives to be more independent.
Chelsea is asked for advice.
Aug. 11 Victor has plans for change at the Newman Ranch.
Tessa needs Zach’s help.
Nikki and Dina argue about Jack.
Nick fires his financial advisor with ties to Victor.
Billy squares off with Benjamin Hochman.
Cane decides what to do next.
Tessa reveals her past.
Victor causes a shake-up in the family.
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B&B What Will Happen August 4-7

B&B spoilers say August 4 say Eric’s decision rocks Quinn.
Katie feels awkward about discussing her flirtation with Wyatt.
August 7 Wyatt is pleased to be asked on a date.
Steffy wants to know Ridge’s intentions with Quinn.
Wyatt kisses Katie while overseas.
Eric asks Quinn for a divorce and bans her from his company and house.
Something secret about Eric and Quinn’s marriage comes to light.
Sheila sets a challenging goal for herself.
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Y&R What Will Happen for August 3-4

Y&R spoilers say Victor shows his power.
Nikki justifies her dalliance with Jack.
Victor’s concerned about Victoria.
Mariah’s feelings are obvious.
August 4 Phyllis schemes to keep Victoria and Billy apart.
Mariah speaks honestly with Devon.
Nick squares off with Scott.
Cane’s attempt to shield Lily backfires.
Billy pressures Jesse.
Nikki and Jack’s romantic clinch at the Abbott cabin is photographed through the window.
Victor gets the upper hand where Nick’s concerned.
Victoria receives a reality check.
Ashley turns to Neil for help.
Sharon gets a distress call.
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