B&B spoilers What Will Happen This Week

B&B spoilers say Wyatt and Katie will grow close while Wyatt helping Katie mull over the best plan with his old position at Forrester Marketing. Wyatt will surely help Katie out, and in return she’ll be a sounding board for Wyatt as he try’s to deal with the pain he is dealing with. He’s been trying to ignore his feelings for Steffy.
Thomas and Sally will do what they can to make Spectra stand out. They’ll do whatever they can to crush their competitors and make the fashion world take notice.
Julius will have a major outburst. Julius will really let Maya have it.
Also Sheila will do some scheming. As her feelings for Eric grow, so will Sheila’s desire to destroy Quinn. What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.

Y&R What Will Happen June 22 to23

June 22 Hilary is seen differently by Jordan.
June 23 Sharon wants the truth from nick.
Cane gets caught in a lie during testimony.
Nikki’s MS flares up.
Sharon catches Nikki as she’s about to take a drink.
Nikki makes an admission to Sharon.
Jill and Colin come back to town.
Lily’s world is turned upside- down.
Phyllis holds her ground.
Victor takes over

B&B What Will Happen June 21 to 23

B&B spoilers June 21 Nicole takes her frustration out on Rick.
Thomas is taken aback by the realities of working at Spectra.
June 22 Maya is stunned by Julius opinion.
Nicole and Zende see things differently.
June 23 Brook receives a surprising apology.
Ridge and Quinn are assured that their secret won’t be revealed to Eric.
Wyatt still has feelings for Steffy.
RJ and Coco become an official item.

B&B What Will Happen June 14 to 16

B&B spoilers June 14 Ridge works to soothe Quinn’s fears.
Liam wants Bill to stop pursuing the acquisition of the Spectra building.
June 15 Ridge stuns Brooke with an old memory.
Eric vows to discover who is threatening Quinn.
June 16 word spreads about the situation at the Forrester mansion.
Quinn realizes there are consequences for the terrible deeds in her past.
Nicole and Maya disagree about a legal issue.
Eric’s act of forgiveness stuns his family.

Y&R What Will Happen June 14 to 16

Y&R spoilers June 14 Jack and Ashley are concerned about Graham’s agenda.
Charlie and Reed square off.
Victoria won’t settle.
Neil grows worried about the future of his family.
June 15 Nick stands up for Vikki.
Abby starts dating.
Scott and Sharon’s relationship heats.
June 16 Michael gives someone bad news.
Ashley comes up with her next move.
Cane is caught between a rock and a hard place.
Jack gets unexpected news from Dina.
Nick learns a secret.
Nick is warned by Victor.

B&B What Will Happen June 7 to 9

Ivy can’t talk Katie out of her suspicions.
Quinn tells Ridge she’s afraid to go back to work.
June 8 Katie and Quinn’s feud turns dangerous.
Carter has bad timing with Rick regarding a legal issue.
June 9 Thomas referees during an argument between Steffy and Sally.
Katie has to answer to the police.
Katie snaps after she is fired by Quinn.
Carter reveals to Rick that there are issues with their surrogacy agreement with Nicole.
What do you think B&B fans. Let us know.