B&B What Will Happen

B&B spoilers say Sally will over hear Steffy telling Bill during a Thanksgiving gathering to keep quiet about them going to bed together. Sally will be disgusted after she hears there conversation.
Steffy will panic when she realize Sally knows about the cheating. Steffy ask Sally to keep quiet will she? What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.


What Will Happen on Y&R

Y&R spoilers say Tessa sister Crystal will be the one to shoot Zack.
Sharon will convince Mariah to let Devon know that she doesn’t love him.
Abby will find out she is pregnant by Christmas, will it be Zack or Scott’s baby?
Neil will arrive to discuss cautious clients with Victor. He’ll note that there’s some gossip about Victor using Crystal to take down Zack.
Dina’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s.
Also will Hilary nude pictures be exposed?
What do you think Y&R Fans? Let us know.