B&B For Oct. 2-6 Shockers

B&B spoilers say it will be some big surprises. Oct. 2-6 will bring trouble for Liam. His relationship with Steffy will continue to go downhill because his doting over Sally. With lead Steffy sick of it.
Bill will use this to his advantage to make a stronger connection with Steffy. Bill is still angry over his son Liam taking over Spencer’s, and being blackmailed by his own son.
Also Ridge will shower Brooke with affection, but Dollar Bill won’t be having it, a heated confrontation will happen this week.
Later this week Bills craving for vengeance will reach a whole new level. As Liam pushes Bill to his limit, there’s bound to be a major fallout.
Steffy will turn to Bill for support, so he’ll have a chance to make his move. Will Bill take advantage of Steffy’s vulnerability? In a form of a kiss or more?
Also Nicole comes back to visit without Zenda could that mean trouble in the air for the couple?
Sheila still on the prowl trying to prove that she is the right person woman for Eric. She will try to setup Quinn with a handsome real estate man named Mateo who she try’s to get to swipe Quinn off her feet. Will it work?
What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.


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