Will Ridge Profit Off Bill Bad Behavior?

B&B spoilers say when Brooke find out what Bill was up to, she won’t be pleased. Will she turn to Ridge for comfort?
B&B spoilers also say Bill may blame Liam for his problems with Brooke.
With Steffy trying to play peace maker between the two stubborn spencer men, will Steffy grow close to her father-in-law?
Also Sheila schemes to have new Forrester estate manager Mateo seduce Quinn.
What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.


Bill On Record!

B&B spoilers say After Liam records Bill’s confession, Bill will realize that he’s backed into a corner. B&B spoilers say Dollar Bill may have to throw in the towel. Sally will get a shot at justice as well as another chance at success.
Also Wyatt and Katie will have a hard time hiding their hot connection. Their romance won’t be a secret for much longer.
B&B spoilers say Sheila forces Charlie to help her with a plan to net Eric.
Tues. sept. 5 Shelia puts Quinn and Ridge in a position where she hopes they’ll give into their feelings.
What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.