B&B What Will Happen June 14 to 16

B&B spoilers June 14 Ridge works to soothe Quinn’s fears.
Liam wants Bill to stop pursuing the acquisition of the Spectra building.
June 15 Ridge stuns Brooke with an old memory.
Eric vows to discover who is threatening Quinn.
June 16 word spreads about the situation at the Forrester mansion.
Quinn realizes there are consequences for the terrible deeds in her past.
Nicole and Maya disagree about a legal issue.
Eric’s act of forgiveness stuns his family.


Y&R What Will Happen June 14 to 16

Y&R spoilers June 14 Jack and Ashley are concerned about Graham’s agenda.
Charlie and Reed square off.
Victoria won’t settle.
Neil grows worried about the future of his family.
June 15 Nick stands up for Vikki.
Abby starts dating.
Scott and Sharon’s relationship heats.
June 16 Michael gives someone bad news.
Ashley comes up with her next move.
Cane is caught between a rock and a hard place.
Jack gets unexpected news from Dina.
Nick learns a secret.
Nick is warned by Victor.