B&B What Will Happen June 7 to 9

Ivy can’t talk Katie out of her suspicions.
Quinn tells Ridge she’s afraid to go back to work.
June 8 Katie and Quinn’s feud turns dangerous.
Carter has bad timing with Rick regarding a legal issue.
June 9 Thomas referees during an argument between Steffy and Sally.
Katie has to answer to the police.
Katie snaps after she is fired by Quinn.
Carter reveals to Rick that there are issues with their surrogacy agreement with Nicole.
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Y&R What Will Happen For June 8 to 9

Y&R spoilers say June 8 Jack grows suspicious about Graham and Dina. Jordan sees Hilary in a different light.
June 9 A dangerous choice is made by Victor.
Ashley and Jack make a plan.
Abby takes Dina’s advice about romance.
Juliet sues Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment.
Billy makes a big decision regarding Phyllis.
Victoria gets ready to fight back.
Reed uses his charm on Mattie.
Nikki becomes uncertain about Tessa.