Steffy the Peace Maker for Thomas and Ridge

be ok at moving on, and he stand

B&B spoilers say Steffy will try to be peacemaker for Thomas, and Ridge even though Ridge gave Thomas the boot out of Forrester.
Thomas will team up with Sally at Spectra. Zenda will take Thomas spot at Forrester. Thomas will be ok with that. He is standing by Sally in her time of need.
Perhaps Steffy will push for a formal partnership between both companies. Ridge could advise against at first, but could change his mind in time.
Whatever the case, Thomas and Sally will make an announcement soon.
B&B spoiler also say When Nicole fines out she may not be able to have a baby she won’t be able to face Zende, but may find comfort in talking to her parents. Where Vivienne will offer a listening ear, and comfort for her baby girl, Julius on the other hand will immediately blame Maya for stealing Nicole’s shot at a kid. B&B sneak peak video shows Julius yelling, “You will not have had a baby for your sister and not be able to have one of your own!”
What do you think B&B fan it’s gonna be some major drama soon. Let us know what you think.


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