Adam Escape Cabin Blast Where Is he?

Y&R spoilers say Chloe and everyone else in Genoa City thinks see is a killer. Despite how it looks, more than likely Adam is still around, and not dead. The likelihood of Adam returning is great, which means Chloe only attempted murder.
Y&R spoilers reveal that viewers know that no conclusive shot was shown whereby Adam was still in the cabin as it exploded. Clearly that was done by design by CBS and Y&R because the suspension of disbelief would have simply been too much if he later returned alive.
So the amount of time it took for Chloe to rupture the propane line, that caused the explosion, and her exact location during that event remain crucial points. If Adam had remained a little bite conscious, he could have escaped undetected any cabin exit point where Chloe wasn’t positioned and Chelsea and Nick were also obstructed.
What do you think Y&R fans? When Adam comes back do you think the actor that will be playing him will be Justin, or Michael or could it be someone else? Let us know.


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