Chloe Seeks Excape With Victors Help

Y&R spoilers say things will heat up when Chelsea confronts Chloe about Adam. In desperation Chloe knocks Chelsea out and leaves. The preacher and Kevin finds Chelsea who starts to regain consciousness. Chloe in tears rides off and is fine with what she did to Adam but at the same time dont want to go to jail or be made to go to the pysco ward. So in desperation she gets ahold of Victor by phone and he agrees to help her excape. Nick who planted a tracking device on Chloes car is hot on the trail.
To his shock Nick sees Victor there trying to help Chloe excape.
According to Y&R spoilers Victor has alot of exsplaining to do. It will also be mind blowing for Nikki when she finds out.
Of coarse through all this one person who will be thrilled the wedding didnt happen will be Kevins mom Gloria. Of coarse quite a few words will be thrown between Gloria and Ester. Poor kevin will feel like he never knew Chloe. What do you think Y&R fans will this be enough to satisfy about what happen to Adam or would you like a happying to this and that Adam is alive. Let us know what you think.


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