Gloria Desperate,and Chelsea Throws Chloe a Bachelorette Party

Y&R spoilers say Gloria will be desperate to keep Kevin from making the biggest mistake of his life, meaning marrying Chloe. Gloria will go as far as trying to enlist Mariah to seduce Kevin in order to try to rip Kevin and Chloe apart. Mariah will be taken aback , and probably won’t go for the idea. If this plan doesn’t work what will Gloria do?
Also in the spoilers Chelsea will take charge of Chloe’s bachelorette party. She will let them know it is going to be a wild night. Chelsea will even want to get Esther in on the fun. She will let Esther know she won’t be the designated driver.
Chloe feel that it is time to get loose, and Nick is hoping to get Chloe drunk enough to admit she killed Adam. Y&R fans do you think Nick’s plan will work? Let us know what you think.


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