Nick Finds Chloe’s Gun

Y&R spoilers say Chloe will deny putting the tracker in Conner’s toy at first, but will admit it after more questions are asked. Of course Chloe will not admit the hole truth, she’ll find away to cover it up. Chloe will insist that she only planted the GPS device for Chelsea’s protection.
Later, Nick and Chelsea will go over there conversation they had with Chloe she will try to rationalize what Chloe did. Y&R spoilers say Chelsea will recall the passageway, and that Chloe could have used it to get to the cabin. Nick feels there is more to the story.
This week’s Y&R promo shows Nick declaring,” Chloe may have gotten away with murdering my brother!” Chelsea will fire back, “My best friend did not murder my husband!”
Nick feels there is only one way to settle this, they need to dig for evidence. Nick will point out that the tracker is linked to a phone app. Y&R spoilers say Nick will think they should get the records and check out Chloe’s list of locations.
Elsewhere, Chloe will get rid of the tranquilizer gun she shot Adam with. She’ll shove it in her backpack and hide it somewhere, but Nick will soon locate it.
What do you think Y&R fans is this what you been waiting for, or is it this and bring Adam back safe and sound? Let us know.


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