Chloe’ s Loose Lips

Y&R spoilers say Wednesday, march 22 will cause Chloe’s loose lips at the Underground. She’ll start dropping hints during her drunken chat with Scott. Chloe will declare that she took charge of her destiny and destroyed her sorrow.
After Chloe heads to the restroom, Scott will question Kevin about Chloe’s comments. Kevin will suggest that he’s not sure how Chloe got her life together. Scott will note that Chloe seems to know how and when she turned things around.
Nick will convince Chelsea to come with him to the Underground. When they come in , Chloe will stagger over and make more cryptic comments. Later, Nick will have a private conversation with Scott. He’ll learn that Chloe mentioned a big change she made six months ago.
At the penthouse, Chelsea will struggle with the memories of the explosion that killed Adam. Chloe will also have flashbacks in her dreams.
Y&R spoilers also say Jill and Colin will exit from the show soon, and there is no plans at this time to bring them back. What do you think Y&R fans? Will Chelsea finally find out what Chloe did to Adam? Will Jill and Colin be written back in down the road? Let us know what you think.


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