Jack Play’s Dirty

Y&R says that in new episodes this week of March 20 Ashley will use information about Jack, and Gloria to a least force a power-share at Jabot. As a result and despite his previous claims otherwise, Jack will try to will try to evict his sister out from the family company altogether. Jack will used the fact that Ashley is not a real Abbott, even though they share the same mother.
John Abbott wasn’t Ashley’s biological father. Y&R spoilers says Dina Mergeron Jack, and Ashley’s mom will comeback to GC May3, what will this mean? Also Ashley will be floored when she finds out about Jack, and Gloria, and that she was right that Gloria had blackmailed Jack. Plus could this also cause Jack to have another moment in talk with his father John Abbott?
Also in spoilers Mariah and Devon go out to dinner. Devon and Mariah kiss or is it a fantasy of Mariah? Is there trouble ahead for Nick, and Chelsea could it be throw Chloe could she tell more than she should? Plus Victoria, and Billy lip lock too.
What do you think Y&R fans? Let us know.


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