Will Deceit Bring Eric and Brook Together?

Y&R spoilers say Brook will start to wonder if what Katie says has some true to it. Katie will take one last stand to convince Brook that something is going on between Ridge, and Quinn. Brook will still feel that Ridge wouldn’t have an affair with Quinn.

Y&R spoilers say Ridge will try to find away to be smooth. He could suggest that whatever Katie saw didn’t happen. Ridge may point out that people just aren’t used to seeing him engaging with Quinn like this. They used to them constantly fight, so now it seems like they’re getting too friendly.
Brook will try to put her doubts aside. She don’t want to believe that Ridge could be dumb enough to throw his relationship to her, and his relationship to his father away. With Ridge anything is possible.
Also Brook and Eric seem to be getting close lately could finding out what’s been going on behind there backs throw them back together.
What do you think B&B fans Eric and Brook getting back together would think that would be a good thing? Let us know.


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