Could Noah Learn a Secret?

Y&R says Christians paternity secret will continue to be a problem. Victor wanting Chelsea to continue to keep the truth from Nick.
Could the writers write Noah to over hear Chelsea, and Victors secret one day? Since Noah already knows Sharon’s big secret do to Nikki tipping him off with cause Sharon to feel she had no recourse but to let him know Dylan is in witness protection program. So if Noah learns Christians paternity secret could cause a great storyline for him to be involved in.
Y&R fans what do you think? If Noah learns the secret will he want his father to know? How will he feel about Victor, and Chelsea? Will this cause him to disapprove of his fathers relationship to Chelsea. Also according to spoilers while Canes away there will be a stalker outside Lily’s window. Lily will first not know, but she will find out, could the guy try to come inside? If so will Lily rebuffs his advances? He could go off on Lily if she handle things wrong. He could hurt her or kidnap her? Instead Lily will get scared and call Jordan to come by could this cause her to bond with him? Could this lay the ground for cheating? Devon will also have his problems when Hilary wants GC Buzz as part of the divorce settlement, how will he handle this?. Let us know.


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