Will Sharon Get A Sister?


Y&R spoilers says Sharon may get a sister. With Walt Willey to play Sharon’s father, Jess Webb(Alex) will become Sharon’s baby sister. Alex will be coming to GC to look for Derek only to find out Derek has a wife, and family, and his name is not Derek but Dylan. Can you phantom the surprise when Sharon finds out that the woman Dylan slept with is also her unknown sibling!
What do you think Y&R fans? Could this be true? If it is true would you want it to go there to sister fighting over the same man, must everything stay in the family? Let us know.


2 thoughts on “Will Sharon Get A Sister?

  1. If it is true, Alex may have no sisterly love for Sharon unless their Dad steps in. What kind of person is he anyway? Alex may have Sharon taken hostage to draw Derek/Dylan out of hiding. Sharon may go off the deep end or become a heroin to save her family. Sharon’s young daughter, who may be bipolar may be the one who goes cockeyed in a dangerous situation.

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