Quinn and Ridge Next week B&B and spoilers


On the B&B we see that Quinn figured out what Ridge is up to, and calls him on it. Next week Quinn and Ridge impasse with everything out in the open. Ridge has only seen the tough shell of Quinn and the damage she can cause but now he sees her softer side and he’s not sure anymore that he wants to destroy her. Even more shocking is that Quinn and Ridge strike up a friendship that makes everyone take a back in LA.
Eric will be happy, and Liam won’t accept. Liam was counting on Ridge to fulfill his promise since Ridge was his biggest ally. What will Brook think about Ridge’s change of attitude?
Spoilers say Liam has had it with everything and confronts Steffy. He thinks she’s dragging her heels on her divorce.
This will not set well with Steffy.
Breaking News Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) was taken off contract at B&B, and Felisha Cooper (Sasha).


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