Quinn Receives Help From an Ally


B&B hints that Ridge will believe his plan will pay off. He thinks Quinn is putty in his hands before long, but the scheme comes with some risk.
Liam is totally on broad with the plan, and hopes Ridge will speed things up a bit. Since he feels Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt are trying to pull Steffy and him apart.
B&B spoilers say that Liam will also give Ridge a warning that if Quinn get’s catch that Ridge will also get catch. Ridge might intend on taking Quinn to the brink of temptation before he drops the bomb. Perhaps he thinks he can expose Quinn’s willingness to cheat without going to far.
Of coarse Ridge isn’t to worried about the fallout.
For Quinn, help comes in an ally, Ivy. Quinn will open up to Ivy about the mess she is in. She’ll admit she’s attracted to Ridge, but she doesn’t want anything to happen between them. Ivy will mention what she overheard by the stream room. She’ll insist that Ridge shouldn’t be trusted.
B&B preview shows Ivy saying, “You’re playing with fire where Ridge Forrester is concerned.” Oddly enough, it looks like Ridge could be the one who gets burned.
There’s a good chance Ridge could over play his hand and tip the scales on Quinn side, putting her in primetime for vengeance. What do you’ll think could Ridge bark off more than he can chew? Let us know.


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