Devon, Dylan, and Victoria


Y&R spoilers say Christine will prep Dylan for his risky assignment. He’ll be given a new identity of “Derek Young”. A contact named Kevin will help Dylan along the way. Christine will urge a fired up Dylan to be careful on this mission.
At home, Sharon will find out what happen at the gala. She’ll scold Mariah for acting so impulsively. Mariah will wonder if Devon can forgive her for messing up his event. She just couldn’t let Hilary get away with what she done to her scot-free.
Dylan will come home to let Sharon know he’s leaving for his assignment. Sharon will beg him not to go, he will let her know it is something he has to do. After a tearful farewell Dylan leaves.
Hilary will wake up at the penhouse to fine Devon not there. Neil comes by to see Devon, Hilary try’s to get rid of him. Neil will persist and Hilary will be forced to admit Devon didn’t come home last night. She will hold Mariah responsible for her relationship problems, but Neil will call her out for her behavior.
Later, Hilary will receive a shocking news. Hilary will be told that Devon is in the hospital ,after being in a terrible car crash. She’ll give Neil updates and they’ll head to the hospital. Stitch will frantically shout instructions to his team. Devon will have internal bleeding , so they’ll get him to surgery ASAP.
Else were, Y&R spoilers Reed will ask Victoria if he can stay. Billy will drop by and encourage Victoria to hear her son out.
Victoria and Billy discuss what they shared on New Years Eve, that what they have is undeniable. Victoria will think they should put the past behind them, but she will be open to Reed to stay. That she will talk to J.T. Reed will be please.
Will Billy help Victoria handle the upcoming drama? Will this lead to the door of a J.T. return, and if so could that give Billy a run for his money? What do you think?


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