How Long Will Gloria Be Stay around in GC?


According to Y&R spoilers There’s a good chance that Michael and Kevin’s mother Gloria could be mixed up in the drama at Fenmore’s eventually. Lauren may have her hands full once Gloria starts poking around. Nevertheless, it looks like Gloria could be playing a more prominent role moving forward. Sally Sussman, the head writer of The Young and the Restless, seems to be a huge fan of this glamorous schemer.
Also we might see some surprise returns around Christmas. Who’s to say what the CBS soap is keeping under wraps. Colin will make his way back to town. He will return for an intriguing arc that starts the end of January. What do you think? Let us know.


2 thoughts on “How Long Will Gloria Be Stay around in GC?

  1. I don’t like Hillary. She is someone a wealthy person would not put up with for a min.
    But Devon has recently been standing up for himself. He was a wimp for so long and she ran all over him.
    The main thing I hate is you haven’t recast Adam’s part. The followers of Y&R want him back so I can’t believe you would not give us what we want. He was the most important Newman after Victor and we didn’t get rid of the others. His part is much more entertaining.

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