Could Hilary Wined up Pregnant by Jack or Devon?


Y&R spoilers Hints that Hilary will throw herself at Jack yet again, but this time Devon won’t know, or suspect her dirty deed. Devon won’t know the baby she is carrying is in question. The question is, is Hilary’s first child genetically link to Jack or her husband?
Fans of Y&R are expected to digest the ideal that Jack would fool around with Hilary? Well that isn’t hard to believe, she is attractive, ambitious, social climber in GC.

As viewers know Jack is a free agent now, and yes a little bit older than Hilary, but in soap operas young women pursue older men based on there wealth, as like vice a versa.
With no ring on Jack finger he could agree to a tater ta moment. Hilary’s baby will win either way. Either a billionaire’s offspring or an Abbott heir. Hilary will be tied to riches and the scorn of an entire family.


2 thoughts on “Could Hilary Wined up Pregnant by Jack or Devon?

  1. I can’t see it. Even if he’s tempted, he seems to high-brow to any such activity with someone like Hillary. His heart’s broken but he is still careful.


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