Rick and Katie Team up to Drive Quinn Over the Edge


B&B spoilers reveal that Rick and Katie without a doubt working together to take down Quinn, and it is working like a charm, as Quinn falls deeper and deeper into despair and madness.
Everyone looked for Ridge to come up with a plan to get Quinn out of the way, but the rug got pulled out from under him. So when the culprits turn out to be Rick, and Katie, everyone is shocked. Rick and Katie gaslighting Quinn seems light the perfect solution to their problem. Driving Quinn insane is a game they both seem to be happy with, since they can’t directly influence Eric.
Rick knew Quinns weakness is jealousy. Rick knew the only way to get rid of Quinn and force her out is to cause her to self-sabotage.
With Katie hadn’t to long divorce Bill, and single Rick felt Katie was the perfect pawn for his plan.
With Rick and Katie playing on Quinn, pushing her into a deeper paranoia and madness- playing on her jealousy is exactly what they need to bring her worst traits and violent temper. Will these two snake go to far, and push Quinn to the brink of no return? Fans what do you think?


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