Sally Sussman Considering Bring Back Adam Newman( Michael Muhney) for Closure


Y&R spoilers tease that Sally Sussman is considering bringing Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman. As devoted fans know, head fakes have always been a key part of this genre Y&R’s new head writer winked at the audience when directly addressed this lingering character question. Yes, her statement was purposely intriguing.
Michael remains available for full- time work. Whether he was unofficially blacklisted in Hollywoodland, or simply clashed too often with key cast mates at CBS long-reigning streamer, as he himself alluded to in a past interview, will likely always be unknown,
Since Y&R is taped 6 weeks in advance of air dates. Since Sussman is less than two months into her job, she needs time to implement her overall vision. Have patience Y&R fans and await the returns on soap modern history.
What do you think Y&R Fans Michael Back as Adam? Yes!


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