Quinn Enlist Deacon to Woo Katie


B&B spoilers reveal Quinn doesn’t want Katie around Eric, and some of her old ways may return. Quinn wants Katie out of Eric’s life, and Deacon always is in need of money.
Thanks to her divorce from Bill Spencer, Katie got 50 million out of the deal. Deacon is always broke may want a sugar mama. Katie is lonely, wants to get back at Bill and Brook for ruining her life, so Deacon will seem like an appealing option to entertain her.
Deacon is annoyed with Quinn for pushing him to the side for Eric, but Katie is a good option. Deacon could take advantage of her wealth and Quinn for handling her dirty work. Quinn promised Eric that she’s a change woman, but she’s struggling to be good. What do you think B&B fans if this happens will Quinn’s plan work? Will she be in trouble with Eric, or will this plan take a life of it’s own and Katie falls for Deacon naturally? Let us know.


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