Wyatt fights for Steffy


B&B teases Wyatt will fight for what he wants. Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage was always on shaky grounds thanks to Quinn interference.
Wyatt tried as much as he could to hold on to his wife, but it wasn’t enough Steffy heart belong to Liam. Even though that wasn’t the deciding factor, it was Quinn.

Now that Quinn and Eric are married, things have change, Wyatt in sensing a difference in even though he knows Steffy is never gonna like or love Quinn, but she is tolerating her. Plus Steffy will soon be working with her. Steffy will be CEO, and Quinn will be President of Forrester Creations. Wyatt will be head of PR.
Of course, Wyatt will be happy about this arrangement and Steffy is warming up to Quinn slightly Wyatt won’t see any big issues.
One hurdle will be out of the way, but there is still the issue of Steffy and Liam. Wyatt needs to give Steffy a reason to leave. B&B fans can expect some tension once Steffy takes on the new gig.
Liam feels Steffy don’t need to put herself in a risky position, Steffy feels she can handle it. Quinn has mellow since being married to Eric. He’ll insist they don’t know what Quinn has in store.
Sounds like Liam is more focus on Quinn were he should be a little more focus on Wyatt. Liam may see Wyatt as a weak threat. Putting his focus more on Quinn, and fail to notice Wyatt stealing his girl.
B&B spoilers say Steffy and Wyatt will indeed make a dynamic duo at the office. They’ll be please with the results. Liam will revert back to looking out for damsels in distress.

Liam will approach Katie and warn her to stay on guard when it comes to Quinn. Could there be a Liam and Katie pairing? What do you think?

I would like to give a shout out to the other soap spoiler sites, for the spoilers.


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