Nick’s Taking Things To Far


According to Y&R spoilers say Wed. 30 hints Dylan and Nick will have words in the courtroom. Nick will let it be known that he feel he can’t trust Dylan and Sharon. Dylan will take issue with that. He’ll point out that they were loving parents before the truth came out.  Sharon will not want Nick to punish Dylan for her actions.

Nikki will speak up on Dylan’s behalf. She’ll agree that it’s all Sharon’s fault. The Judge will be tired of the outbursts. He will order the crowd to leave the courtroom. Only Sharon, Dylan, Nick, and there lawyers will stay. The Judge will not think that Dylan, and Sharon pose a threat to the baby, But he will grant a temporary restraining order while he sorts things out.

Also Nick let Chelsea have it for not telling him about Sharon visiting Christian. Nick feels she should have told him immediately. Chelsea will let Nick know how sorry she is, but Nick won’t be very  forgiving , Later Chloe  will also get quite a few words from Chelsea, Chelsea will let Chloe know that now Nick doesn’t trust her now. Y&R spoilers say Chloe will suggest new living arrangements, and Chelsea will be find with the thought.

Sharon will also be angry with Chloe for hurting Dylan’s chances at visitation. After letting Chloe have it. Sharon will try to help Dylan. Sharon lets him know she won’t do anything to hurt his chances. She will obey the restraining order, and keep clear from Christian for now.


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