No Recast for Dylan, Could there be a Sharon, Nick Reunion?



Y&R spoiler tease that Sharon and Dylan’s marriage is on the verge of destruction. Since Dylan is on the way out at the CBS soap divorce is likely. Plus a recast isn’t likely.

Dylan will try to fight for visitation right’s  to see Sully/ Christian but it maybe a losing  court battle that he may have to let go. Never the less, there is a good chance Dylan will leave GC to find himself. Dylan may find it hard  to watch Nick raise the baby, also being with Sharon could cause deep pain.

The Y&R spoiler hints that Sharon will gain some ambition following Dylan leaving the show. Sally Sussman  made it clear in her TV interview. She’ll try to be the best version of herself. Sharon will set new goals and she’ll achieve them with hard work. Her fresh start will lead her down a surprising path.

What do you think Y&R fans. Do you think Sharon’s new path will include Nick? Do you think thing’s will change in Sally Sussman decision and may eventually  let Dylan resurface after a brief hiatus, or will he stay off canvas? Let us know.




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