Brook Makes a Descision


The B&B spoilers says Brook has been trying to fight Ridge’s advances, but she could be weakening, that we can see.

Of course, Bill is a little upset about this.  He feels go to play the part of the arrogant fiance’, but he’s fighting fears under the surface. Bill can see there is a lot of history between Ridge and Brook. She could easily start leaning in her ex’s direction.

The B&B spoilers say Bill will insist that Brook needs to become his wife. They will get things together to elope, with means Brook will have to let Ridge know. Instead Ridge will try to cause  her a change of heart.

After Ridge and RJ make a very heartfelt speeches, Brook will wonder if it could be a mistake to marry Bill. Ridge quickly move to phase two of his plan. The B&B spoilers reveal that a romantic surprise  will have Brook swooning.

Later, Brook will choose her true  love, and one man will be left to wallow in grief.

Who do you want to see Brook marry? Ridge or Bill let us know.


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