Victoria and Travis plan Christmas Wedding


Y&R spoilers say Victor will use some intimidation tactics on Travis. He will let Travis know husbands can come and go, but he’s here to stay. Victoria accepted Travis proposal, but doesn’t mean Victor feel her fiance’ should be in the family.
Victoria is trying to be cautious. She’s been having some doubts, but it looks like she’s finally pushing them aside. Victoria loves Travis and she’s feels sure that he loves her too.
Of course Billy has some reservations about Travis, but he feels like he should keep his mouth shut. Jill will feel differently. She believes Billy and Victoria are meant to be together. Victoria will surprise Jill, and Billy letting them know that Travis wants to get married sooner than later. A Christmas wedding is plan.
Do you think Victoria, and Travis wedding will go without a hitch?


2 thoughts on “Victoria and Travis plan Christmas Wedding

  1. Why does vicki have a hard time finding love.? Billy is not a good match. Travis was she seem to be happy &more relax. I thought she was in a good place. Until the storyline changed.hope there will be a place for Travis. Victor met his match. Like the way he did not cow down to him. I was enjoying the story line. Was disappointed at the change.


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