Dylan’s Exit


Y&R spoiler say’s Dylan’s will be exiting soon. Now that Sully/ Christian is gone,  and his still existing issues with Sharon. He’s still angry over his wife’s deception. There trust has been broken, and the little boy that they raised as there son is gone. Sully didn’t even existed.

Y&R spoilers say Dylan will decide to let go of some of the rage. Even if he has a hard time letting all of it go.

Faith let’s Sharon, and Dylan know her interest in living with Nick, and Christian.

Without Sully, Dylan doesn’t feel complete. He waited so long to be a dad.  He had the wife, and son, he was leaving the dream.  Sadly one confession altered Dylan’s world.

Spoiler hints Dylan could struggle with depression in the coming weeks. Nikki will try to help her son by asking him to come over for Thanksgiving.

Dylan knows that Nick, and Christian is coming over to the dinner, and will decline.

Sharon, and Dylan will be invited over to Chelsea’s penthouse for dinner.  Dylan spots Nick leaving out with Christian. Y&R spoilers say Dylan will be crushed. Each time he see’s the child it makes it harder.

Dylan will make a decision about his future. Could Dylan decide he can’t live in GC? Could he decide a new town maybe better?

Y&R spoiler reveal that Dylan will be exiting the CBS soap soon. Leaving in despair seems like a good option.



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