Head Writer Sally Sussman Say’sNo Adam Return No Time Soon,What!


This comes from Y&R New Head writer Sally Sussman interview with  Tv  Insider, she was asked “Will that [Christian’s paternity] be revealed soon? Sussman says I’m not playing it at all. Adam is off the show, and Justin Hartley will never be back. He’s too successful know. He’s gone.

Sussman won’t do what the fans are looking for, ever  since fans found out that Christian is Adam’s son.

Also when Sussman was asked about an Adam recast she said, “I don’t see that we need it…” I’m not looking to bring that character back…”

She also said that Christian is Nick’s baby “for all intents and purpose” and says she won’t let the truth out “unless there is a compelling reason… I see no reason to go there. What purpose would it serve to do it now?

This will be truly unsatisfying for fans hoping for Adam’s recast and Christian’s true origin story finally being revealed.

Is Sussman  making a major misstep by pushing aside on a storyline fans have invested there time in? Will she lose fans fast with these shocking revelations? What do you think ? Sussman first scenes hit the CBS airwaves on December 7 with an Abbott family  get- together.



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