Could Sage Phone Call Reveal the Truth?


The Y&R hints that Nick may try to keep a scandal from coming out. Unfortunately, because of what Dr.  Anderson did, and Sharon’s  deception, the media is about to have a field day. Nick will try to move on, and not listen to what’s being talked about. Christian is what Nick wants to focus on. Nick feels he already lost a year with him.

There’s a lot more that bound to come out to this story.  Nick is just to filled with  emotions right now to dig deeper. Nick is just happy to have his son back. but when this lowly settles, nick could realize could there be more to this story?

Let’s go over some of the clues. Sharon revealed that Sage knew the truth before she passed. Nick learned that sage was on her way to let him know before she crushed. Plus Sage was making a phone call on her cell before running off the road. It wasn’t Nick she was calling.

Sage was trying to reach Adam her true baby’s father. Dylan was curious about the voicemail, but Adam told Dylan when he Question him that Sage was trying to reach Chelsea about work. Paul and Dylan decided to let it go, but could that comeback to light?

Sage wouldn’t have talked about work, when she just found out her child is alive. If that call get’s back to the surface of conversation nick’s new life could come tumbling down. Also the letter Sage written to Adam.

Adam, and Chelsea read the note where Sage let him know she knew Adams the father of her child, but wanted him to keep it to himself and not let Nick know. They chose to burn it, and decided to honor Sage wishes, and keep the paternity a secret, but it could come back up.

Adam is presumed dead, witch leaves Chelsea with the answers. With Sharon exposed for her lies, now Chelsea could start feeling the heat. If Chelsea is put under pressure from Nick she could crack under it, or slip and say something about Victor to him. It could cause Nick to confront his father over his involvement in this. Sometimes certain details could be left out, or not mention again, or saved for a billed up for another time.

When, and if things finally comes out Nick could realize what pain Sharon went through. He could see how hard it could be when you start to raise a child you were told was yours only to have to give it up. Y&R fans know that the experience was horrible for Sharon to bear.

For now the unfolding of the paternity may not happen until Adam surfaces again. Stay on the edge of your seats.



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