Will Brook and Bill Work Things Out spoilers


                      The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

                    (Will Brook and Bill Work Things Out)

The B&B spoilers say Brook and Bill will try to work things out. Bill lets Brook know he wasn’t happy with Ridge derailing there big day. Brook will remind Bill she was ready to become Mrs. Bill Spencer that he was the one who called it off.

Brook will let him know she was hurt when he left her at the altar.  Bill will also rebuttal that Brook hurt him as well, she took the time to be listing to Ridge, when she should have turned him away as soon as he walked in the room. Brook will let Bill know she had to listen to what Ridge had to say, because he is RJs father, and she also needed to talk him down.

Bill will have some concerns about how deep is Brooks feeling towards her ex Ridge. Bill will want to know how she really feels about his nemesis. Brook will continue to ashore Bill her heart belongs with him, not Ridge. That she’ll always care about Ridge, but her future belongs with Bill.

Spoiler say Bill will put out a few ground rules to make sure he feels secure in his relationship. Later, Brook lets Ridge know the updates, on those boundaries. Of course Ridge will just grab Brook, and kiss her.   

Will Ridge persistence pay off?  Will Brook come around, and feelings grow back for her Unforgettable?


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