Quinn’s Gets a Difficult Request


The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler says Eric has requested Quinn to take the reins at Forrester Creations, but she don’t want to do it. Quinn feels she must do the job to help keep Eric’s stress down, and knows the hostility she will encounter.

Ridge is at the office just to make himself a constant and irritating obstacle along with the rest of the Forrester family with a similarly rude attitude towards Quinn. Quinn decides  to take the opportunity help her son to make his life better and tries to leverage his wife.

Quinn go’s to Steffy to offer to share the CEO seat if she go’s back to Wyatt. That may be hard since Steffy already unpacked her bags over Liam’s place. Will Steffy be tempted?

Quinn has a firm vision in mind for the Forrester fashion show and tried to get Steffy, and Ridge on board. Is there a small chance that Ridge will try to sabotage the show to make his step-mom look bad? Quinn will remind Steffy  if they can work together that Eric might have a better attitude towards her.

Also in the spoilers Ridge is off the rails this week not just with Quinn. With his Logan Too. Ridge blind sides Brook again with another kiss. Brook is still livid with him fouling up her wedding to Bill Spencer, but he keeps on trying.

In the week Pam shocks Quinn, she also try not to go along with the regime change.

Our Question is do you think Ridge can be civil long enough to get through the fashion show or will he foul things up? Let us know.


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