Chelsea’s Calling Kettle Black

The Young and the Restless spoilers says Dylan is on a thread of hope that a solution would be work in concern of the child. He’ll hate losing his family. In another scene Sharon ask Chelsea for help when it comes to Nick to help her change his mind. Chelsea lets Sharon know how she feels about her lies. Sharon will let Chelsea know how she had lied to Dylan as well. They exchange words over there motives for keeping there baby secrets. Then Chelsea will go over to Victors. She will hint that she is having second thoughts about not saying nothing about Christians paternity. Victor will remind Chelsea that Adam would want Nick to raise his son. He will let her know Nick would be crushed if he knew the truth. It seems that Chelsea don’t want to hurt Nick so she keeps quiet for now. Then Chelsea will head over to Dylan, and Sharon’s place. Nick will insist that he is ready to take the child home. Dylan will suggest joint custody, and Sharon will feel it will be the best solution. They already do it with faith, and it works out.

Nick will think it’s ridiculous to compare the situations. He’ll feel like he deserves the chance to be a full-time dad to Christian. Nick lets both Sharon, and Dylan know if they don’t go along with his wishes he will have them both charge with kidnapping.

Dylan will admit that this is the end of the road. He will tearfully give the baby to nick.

What do you think about all this? let us know.




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