Adam Newman’s Return

Spoilers say Adam’s return will be in a different way. It will be in pre recorded clips that was already filmed before doing his primetime show.  As we last seen Adam was in the cabin with Chloe, and then the cabin exploded. What we didn’t see was Adam being  alive  trying to make it out of the cabin he collapse on the ground then the cabin exploded.  Adam was rescued by a  retired doctor not Ian Ward who doesn’t know who he is. He helps Adam during the time Adam has amnesia that is why he hasn’t reached out to his family. Spoiler says Adam will fully recover, and will contact his wife Chelsea, and she will go to see him were he is staying.

Spoilers predict that Chelsea will tell Adam about Christian being alive, and life will begin. These developments, which will happen slowly that may coincide with the ending filming of This Is Us. Hartley  film break will allow him to reprise his role on a limited basis, before heading back for season two of his hit primetime show.


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