Rick, and Maya Forrester and the Avant Baby Madness


Today on the bold and the beautiful was just too much! Nicole saying that if Zenda loved her he would respect her decision Really? Zenda tried hard the first time until he couldn’t take it anymore. How many times the man must respect her, when do she respect him? I always known a relationship go’s both ways not one. The writers are making Nicole’s character one sided. She worried about what Zenda is doing in Hawaii with Sasha, If she loved her man she would be in Hawaii with him. She getting mad at Zenda when she was in the wrong for changing her mind after they both agree she wouldn’t be a surrogate for the second  time. Spoiler say and who couldn’t see this coming so I am going to say some of the scenarios either Nicole will have a innocent crush on Rick, She and Rick could have an affair and may get pregnant by him the regular way, she could be told she can’t have another baby, and decide she wants custody of Lizzy. Who knows, but I feel it could be one of the though  here. Keep checking back with us, and we will try to keep you posted.


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