Baby Drama Heating up


Spoilers saying Dylan will have a hard time letting Christian to him baby Sully go. Dylan is hurting, why wouldn’t he one year has past, and he fell in love with a child he thought was his own. He will try to workout a plan with Nick so they could all have joint custody of the child for the best interest of the baby. Since Sharon, and Dylan are the only parents the child has known.  Plus deep down Dylan needs this arrangement. Right now his marriage to Sharon is on the rocks. Dylan will enlist his mother Nikki to help him in the battle, and Nick will do the same. The Young and the Restless spoilers say Nikki will have a  quite few words for Sharon as well this  will be epic.  They always had there moments, but this will be a doozey. Once the arrangement has been heard what will Nick do? Will he be ok with it? Or will only go along with a temporarily share the child? Who knows Nick could just say no.  Dylan exit is coming, so we wonder what the writers will chose? Lets hope they will only recast him to keep his father Paul with at least one child of his on the canvas, to keep him with a child to help on the police force to keep the bond growing. Let’s hope that the writers don’t chose the easy out like it was for Sage, or Adam. We know Adam will be back. Also we hope the writers don’t have Dylan leave town. Right now Dylan can’t truth Sharon now. He might decide divorce is best. Whatever way they bring it we will keep you posted.


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