The Meaness of Nick

I couldn’t believe today’s episode. What are the writers doing with Nick? Is he that unfeeling?
One could say what do you expect he lost a year with he suppose to be child. I could understand Dylan acting like he is, but not Nick. Dylan has no children, and he thought just like Sharon this was there kid. Sharon may have known longer, but sorry and some people may not agree, but Sharon’s fear as far as I am concern is valid. For four month’s she didn’t know Sully wasn’t Dylan, and hers child. Dylan, and her bonded with the child. From the way they written this whether Dylan knew four month from the child’s birth or now his reaction I feel he would still have been the same reaction. It would have hurt him to much to give the child up. Only differents would have been Sharon would have told sooner she wouldn’t be blamed for not knowing, Sage may have been alright or maybe not according if she was still to excited to watch the road. Nick would still be deceived instead of Sharon it would have been Sage, Victor, Chelsea, and Adam. I hope when the rest of the truth comes out Nick will remember how he reacted towards Dylan, and Sharon so when he has to give Christian up he will do the right thing.


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