Nick taking Christian is it Right?

Most people I hear blogging talking about poor Nick, well what about poor Dylan. Sharon might have been wrong for keeping the secret to long after she found out Christian wasn’t Dylan and her child. Think about really how would any woman would feel if they were allowed to bond with a child for months only to have to give it up. One could argue Sharon should know how if feels because of what happen with Faith, and that is true, but see now Sharon was place in the same predicament as Ashley. We all seen how hard it was for Ashely to give up Faith. With this though was a little more, there was Dylan this time in the equation a man who always wanted a child, Avery miscarriage, and Chelsea’s deception of Conner, and her not telling him she miscarried there child, and tried to conceal it by to get pregnant again by him. She couldn’t deal with keeping it from Dylan check herself in to Fairview, and the doctor took advantage of Sharon in a plot to get back at her and nick made Sharon think she succeed in getting pregnant when she didn’t  and here Sharon was indirectly put in a bad position of making a decision to something she didn’t cause. Sharon loved Dylan. Look at it right it was bad she had to deal with the pain of losing Sully, but deep down inside she fear the blow for Dylan would be even harder. Even though Dylan wanted the truth. I feel the writers even if they went that way would have still wrote Dylan in this belief wanted to find out for sure, and hold off on telling Nick until the right time let face it when would be the right time?  Now let’s go with the problem at hand patty told Nick the truth so she knew, is patty knew the baby wasn’t Nicks child either would she have rushed to tell? She just throw the fat into the fire, and didn’t know she did. Now the secret keeper’s have change to  sage, victor, Chelsea, and adam when he is back. Well, well most people who can’t stand Sharon for keeping this secret what about the part two secret keepers coming near you. Why should the baby stay with Dylan, and Sharon the baby bond with them, Dylan loves the boy as his own there are no real parents for now let Nick know he is not the father, and let Dylan, and Sharon continue raising him let Dylan for goodness sake have a child to love. Nick already has two grown children, and one day will be there enough of him having kids. He is hardly there for them anyway in between women. It is not right either keeping nick not knowing he isn’t the father doing the same thing have him bond with the child like Dylan did just to one day have the child taken from him too. Have anyone thought about Conner? Christian is his brother he may want a sibling


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Chelsea really? What if when adam comes back Chelsea and him can’t have anymore kids together he will want Christian back. I can see it now the writers will write nick not letting that happen out of jealousy.




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