Sharon Exposed Who’s secret is it now?


The storyline has not ended it just shift it Now instead of Sharon holding out anymore not telling Nick the whole story now when Nick fines out the rest of the story that involves him the people he will be angry with while be. Sage, Adam, Victor, and Chelsea. Hopefully the writtens will keep the baby as Adams. Let Adam and Chelsea have a happy ending when he comes back. They wanted another child anyway. Plus with Nick being a father again the storyline would grow stale. I love the character of nick, but they written him to high above he needs to come down. Adam is the only one of Victors children that knows what it means to earn things on your own not because of who you are. He was raised down home thats what separates Adam from his sister’s and brother. Adam knows both sides of the coin being without all the richness and being rich he stays grounded. It would be fun watching Chelsea and Adam raise the child with Conner and watch the boys bond. Plus as a writer myself you can see were they are taking a story. It wouldn’t make since to make Adam the father if it was Nicks baby all along. Nick already knew that, then what is the point in the long run putting Adam involved as the baby’s father? What Victor? Well Victor already got what he wanted out of that deal it didn’t work he theater to tell Chelsea that didn’t work Adam beat him to it. Plus all this was behind Nicks back so what is the point to say the baby is Adams baby if you remove all the drama that would go into it? The only way to put drama back into the storyline is to keep the baby Adams child. Then when Adam comes back and the hole truth comes out Nick will look at Chelsea as know better than Sharon that bring Chelsea back to Adam, he will be angry at his father for what he tried to pull behind his back. Nick just to get back at Adam, and Chelsea will try to get full custody of Christian. to get back at Chelsea because by then nick will be acting like a woman scorned, because Adam is back and knows she will always love him and jealousy’s will kick in on how to get in between and break them up thur Christian. Witch will make him look bad to the views eyes, and people will once again be routing for Chelsea and Adam again. That is how i would write it.


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