Soap Discussions Ep1 Stephanie vs Quinn


Soap discussion Is what it is a discussion about our CBS soaps. We try to give neutral thoughts on characters in sometimes using past episodes to help get a point across when comparing this character to another character. I have been looking at soaps since i was young, and admired how it took alot of efford to try to keep soaps going for alot of days out of the years. It helps inspire me to help write a local comedy soap in my area that people here loves. It was a hole season, and i am proud of it, and its from learning from those writers how to carry a story, and keep it interesting. So i hope youll will tune in to our pod cast, tells us if you agree on some of our commentary on the CBS soaps that we all grow to love. Please done be cruel, or hurtful in you comment saying how you feel can be done without it care about your fellow soap person , they are feeling just as passionate as you. Thanks and enjoy.


One thought on “Soap Discussions Ep1 Stephanie vs Quinn

  1. On todays The Bold and the Beautiful Eric let Quinn and Wyatt know that he wanted them to go over Forrester creations. And be his spokesman. We all know Ridge who profess loyalty to his father, Not! Will not listen to quinn, but i loved it Quinn got the last word on him.

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