Will Ridge Profit Off Bill Bad Behavior?

B&B spoilers say when Brooke find out what Bill was up to, she won’t be pleased. Will she turn to Ridge for comfort?
B&B spoilers also say Bill may blame Liam for his problems with Brooke.
With Steffy trying to play peace maker between the two stubborn spencer men, will Steffy grow close to her father-in-law?
Also Sheila schemes to have new Forrester estate manager Mateo seduce Quinn.
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Bill On Record!

B&B spoilers say After Liam records Bill’s confession, Bill will realize that he’s backed into a corner. B&B spoilers say Dollar Bill may have to throw in the towel. Sally will get a shot at justice as well as another chance at success.
Also Wyatt and Katie will have a hard time hiding their hot connection. Their romance won’t be a secret for much longer.
B&B spoilers say Sheila forces Charlie to help her with a plan to net Eric.
Tues. sept. 5 Shelia puts Quinn and Ridge in a position where she hopes they’ll give into their feelings.
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Bill’s Lies Exposed Thomas and Sally Back Together!

B& spoilers say Thomas’s eyes will finally opened. He’ll realize just how far Bill was willing to go to get his Skyscraper built.
Thankfully the news of the fire will be to much lying for Caroline to handle. The same will be true for Liam. B&B say Thomas will be furious. He will shut the door on his relationship with Caroline and will focus on justice for Sally.
B&B spoilers say wants Brooke is in the loop on Bill’s behavior, she’ll be appalled.
Spoilers say the fallout for Bill will be big. Since Thomas allowed himself to be duped, he will make an extra effort to make things right. He could help lead the charge for Bill to get jail time.
Of coarse, Sally has a kind heart and knows what its like to be given a second chance. It looks like Bill will avoid serious legal ramifications, he will still pay a price. It’s going to take a lot of money to rebuild Spectra Fashions and it’ll come out of Dollar Bill’s pocket.
What do you think B&B fans? Poor Bill won’t get his lady Sky built now, but he can dream about his lady love. Let us know what you think.

B&B What Will Happen Aug. 31 to Sept.1

B& spoilers say for Aug.31 Thomas arrives to see Sally.
Steffy and Liam struggles with what they know about Bill.
Sept.1 Sally wants Thomas to stay and help resurrect Spectra Fashions.
Liam must choose what to do about the guilt he’s feeling over his father’s actions.
Also in spoilers Maya will shock Rick with a suggestion. With Nicole growing close to Lizzy, Maya will consider taking drastic action to put the brakes on the bond.
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Y&R What Will Happen Aug. 31 to Sept. 1

Y&R spoilers Say Thursday Aug, 31 Ashley wants to fix her family.
Nick works to make things better between Chelsea and Faith.
Billy crosses the line.
September 1 Hilary messes with Devon and Mariah’s relationship.
Nikki wonders about Jack’s intentions.
Victoria and Phyllis clash.
also in spoilers Abby digs into Ashley’s paternity.
Phyllis uses pregnancy option to keep her man.
Will Adam return in November sweeps?
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B&B What Will Happen Next Aug.17-18

B&B spoilers for Aug. 17 say Steffy is willing to go along with Bill’s plot, but warns him about Liam.
Eric gives Sheila an ultimatum.
Dr. James Warwick receives a call for help.
Aug.18 Sally opens up to Liam about her business.
Sheila blackmails James in order to achieve her goal.
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Y&R What Will Happen Aug. 17-18

Y&R spoilers say for aug.17 Jack hits back at Billy.
Cane tells Brash& Sassy secrets.
Graham looks out for Dina.
Aug. 18 Hilary ticks someone off.
Jordan shows Lily how he feels.
Phyllis chooses a side.
Nick feels Victor has gone too far and stops calling him ‘Dad’.
Jordan and Lily are released from their contracts.
After Lily tells Jordan he can do better than Hilary, they kiss.
Dina and Ashley talk about the past.
Lily’s in a tough situation.
Juliet learns something unexpected.
Victoria won’t give up.
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