B&B Hope Returns

B&B spoilers say starting Jan. 8 Brooke’s daughter play by (Annika Noelle) will debut as Hope.
spoilers say Sheila takes advantage of the situation when Thorne comes into the restaurant.
Quinn learns of Brooke’s history with the Forrester men from Eric.
what do you think B&B fans? Let us know.


Y&R What Will Happen

Y&R spoilers say victor will let Chelsea know that he wants her to bring Connor to the party and he won’t take no for an answer, or he may tell a devastating secret. Could this mean Adam return is really on the way? How will Nick handle it?
Victor tells Noah that Tessa stole Nikki’s gun and gave it to Crystal.
Billy and Phyllis surprise one another as they celebrate their first Christmas as a couple.
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B&B What Will Happen

B&B spoilers say Sally will over hear Steffy telling Bill during a Thanksgiving gathering to keep quiet about them going to bed together. Sally will be disgusted after she hears there conversation.
Steffy will panic when she realize Sally knows about the cheating. Steffy ask Sally to keep quiet will she? What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.

What Will Happen on Y&R

Y&R spoilers say Tessa sister Crystal will be the one to shoot Zack.
Sharon will convince Mariah to let Devon know that she doesn’t love him.
Abby will find out she is pregnant by Christmas, will it be Zack or Scott’s baby?
Neil will arrive to discuss cautious clients with Victor. He’ll note that there’s some gossip about Victor using Crystal to take down Zack.
Dina’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s.
Also will Hilary nude pictures be exposed?
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Bill Orders Spectra Building To Be Blown up!

B&B spoilers say for November sweeps Bill will go in an all new low, blowing up Spectra building.
Bill still wants to build his skyscraper on Spectra property. He will agree to give Sally a brand new building somewhere else. He’ll insist that he’ll pay for all the moving expenses and hire plenty of help for Sally.
Unfortunately, Liam will immediately dismiss the idea. Liam probably won’t think Sally needs to give up a piece of history.
Wants Liam rejects the suggestion, Bill will return to his usual playbook. He will once again rely on Justin for another evil scheme. Blowing up Spectra headquarters.
Liam and Sally will be in the building. Once Justin realizes Sally and Liam is in the building, he’ll text Bill. Bill intern won’t see the text, and order the Spectra building to be blown up.
When Bill gets updates, he’ll fear he killed his own son. Sally and Liam should escape with there lives.
Will this reignite the Spencer war in a big way?
What do you think B&B fans? Let us know.

Coming Soon to Y&R

Y&R spoilers say Scott will put himself in another dangerous situation as he works to bring Zack down. The feud between Lauren and Sharon will heat up.
Abby and Newman Enterprises will be in crisis mode from the fall out from the sex ring.
Spoilers say Mattie, Reed, and Charlie will be stuck inside an on fire Underground. Reed will call Billy, and Mattie will call Cane who will make it out?
Lilly will have second thoughts about her divorce after this stunning incident.
Y&R say a revenge plot will get underway and it could leave Jabot’s future in jeopardy. Are Victor and Billy wrong about Jack?
Also speaking of twist, there’ll be a huge one as Dina gives Graham a taste of his own medicine. Look for Dina to turn the tables.
Neil will make a gutsy call. He’ll do something risk, but it should pay off big time.
What do you think Y&R fan? Let us know.